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Farm Museum & Visitor Information Centre

The Annapolis Valley Exhibition Farm Museum began in 1998 in Barn #1 on the Exhibition Grounds where a number of farm implements were put on display. In 2014, the Agricultural Demonstration Building became available, and with the help of a number of volunteers, the items were moved from the old barn and given a new lease on life to show visitors what farm like was like here in the Annapolis Valley. Here, the museum has flourished to what it is today. 

When visiting, you will find a beautiful replica of a cooperage depicting the building of apple barrels along with displays of items used in the apple industry which was the main farming resource in the early 1900's in the Annapolis Valley. Also on display are ploughs, scythes, hay press, grinding wheels, tack for the horses, yokes for the oxen, assorted tools from a skeleton key to wood turning equipment.

Other displays of pride are the Photo Room and the Homestead Display. The china dates back to the 1840's; the stove is the only model with an oven door on both sides. You will also find assorted vintage jars, cooking items, washboards, butter churns, even an old radio and oil lamp to read beside.

Over 1200 items have been meticulously cataloged and labelled to help visitors appreciate what they are, what they were used for and where they hailed from.

If you wish to donate an item, please contact the Exhibition Office at (902)584-3339 or