Time has flown by! 2020 would have been my third Annapolis Valley Exhibition as the General Manager. With the suspension of exhibitions and fairs for the 2020 season due to COVID-19, we may not be having a fun typical year but we are working hard to be back better than ever for 2021. This organization is a community, working together to create an event steeped in tradition, while providing new and interesting activities for fair goers. Our community includes our Board of Directors, Committees and Volunteers. It also extends to our wonderful Sponsors; without the continued support of businesses and individuals throughout the Valley we could not offer this exciting week. We have had a few long-time Directors and Committee members step down from their roles in the last few months. Most remained as valued volunteers while allowing some newcomers to become involved with fresh ideas and energy to move us forward in a new decade. Change is vital to continued our growth as an organization. The traditions of the Ex are an integral part of the Valley and have far reaching economic impact to the area. The Ex is an opportunity for people to “come home” and demonstrate that a vibrant agricultural community remains strong. It is important to honour these traditions as well as being relevant in today’s world.

 A heartfelt thank you to our Volunteers, Sponsors and Exhibitors!

 Gidget Oxner